Episode 17, The Crew Catches up with the Cast of Beyond Scope

November 16, 2016

Join Josh and Lucas as they catchup with the Cast of Beyond Scope and get a behind the scenes take on what it takes to film an up and coming action series. 


The show opens up with what happened during the election cycle and President-Elect Donald Trump


The cast of Beyond Scope is in the studio discussing, 

  • Acting Styles
  • What it takes to create and design a series 
  • How the actors get ready to play roles and Characters
  • How to perform a love scene
  • Plus 2 new products that Josh and Angel want to bring to the market. 


The Guests in the studio with us where-

  • Aron Chapman
  • Hank Stone
  • Grant Sawyers
  • Cara Noel
  • Rolando Wharton
  • Troy Williams
  • Sher Shearey
  • Angel Liberado 




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