WE ARE BACK, CWR Interviews Lucien R Black from Voda Consulting

June 22, 2017


Join the crew from Concealed Warrior Radio, as they interview the very controversial training instuctor behind the brand Voda Consulting, Lucien R Black. We discuss his videos, some of his more interesting training methods, and the mind frames behind what he is doing today. A MUST LISTEN TO EPISODE. 


Concealed Warrior Radio the guys catch up with Joe Mantegna and Terry Schappert

April 2, 2017

Join Josh, Lucas and Mike, the hosts of Concealed Warrior Radio as we interview Terry Schappert, formor Special Forces Veteran from Hollywood Weapons and Television/Movie Star Joe Mantegna of History of Guns and the TV Hit Series Criminal Minds. 

Terry and Joe take us deep into the world of Television and the exciting new show, Hollywood Weapons, where Terry attempts to recreate some of Hollywood's biggest gun moments to see if they could actually be done in real life. With Terry's battle tested experience from his time in Special Forces comes a wealth of Weapons and Tactics knowledge that will be cruciel in putting some of these big scenes to the test.  Hollywood Weapons premiers 9pm on the Outdoor Channel. Stay tuned for the next season of History of Guns also on the Outdoor Channel. 




Concealed Warrior Radio, the Crew catches up with Jennifer Dawn.

February 24, 2017

Join your hosts Josh, Lucas and Mike as they sit down and talk with Jennifer Dawn, Police Officer, Model, Fitcops Representive, IFBB PRO, the creative Mind behind AlphagirlShooter and a brand Ambassador for Safariland. 

The crew gets the inside scoop on Jennifer's her rise in the firearms community, what its like being a well known model and working within the law enforcement community, behind the scenes at the FitCops events and much more unfiltered discussion. 




Episode 22 The Crew Talks about Open Carry and the changes happening in the Carry Community

February 8, 2017

Join the Josh and Lucas as they discuss whats going on in the Open Carry Community, new issues facing the Concealed Carry Community and the use of Concealed Carry Badges. 




Concealed Warrior Radio Episode 21 with Carrie Lightfoot, the Creator of the Well Armed Woman

February 8, 2017

Join the CWR Crew as we talk to Carrie Lightfoot the creator of the Well Armed Woman. Josh, Lucas and Mike sit down and talk to to Carrie about the creation of the organization, its growth, where is has been and most importantly where it is headed from here.


As always the guys discuss whats going on in the training world, their lives and anything in between. 


Concealed Warrior Radio Episode 20, the guys explain how to get your Concealed Carry Permit in Florida

December 29, 2016

Join Josh, Lucas, and Mike tongiht as they discuss how to go about the Concealed Carry License Permit process in the State of Florida Tonightt. 

The Crew tonight will discuss the following-

  1. How to Get your Florida CCW License
  2. Eligibility Requirements
  3. What Makes you Ineligible to receive one
  4. Mailing your application in versus setting an Appointment
  5. Processing Time
  6. Carrying Within a vehicle
  7. Common First time firearm purchase mistakes

Self Defense Mindset and how it relates to the CCW Course


Episode 19 the crew discusses the Active Threat Incident and Tactical Considerations for Law Enforcement

December 15, 2016

The crew of Concealed Warrior Radio, Josh, Lucas and Mike discuss the Active Threat Incident that occured and how the media seemed to call it an "Active Shooter Incident". We also discuss the preperation level and training that is needed to increase the average law enforcement officer's abiltity to respond and be more effective. Also discussed on the show was community oriented policing, from the perspective of the pros and cons of the program. 




Episode 18, The Crew talks with Rob Pincus, about the New Avidity Arms PD10

November 21, 2016

This Episode, Josh, Lucas and Mike discuss a little post election 2A news. The crew gets a chance to talk to Rob Pincus, the main man behind the machine at the Personal Defense Network and Co-Designer of the new Avidity Arms PD-10. The PD-10 is set to reach the gun owner that wants concealabiltiy but needs a thin everyday concealed carry weapon. Rob also discusses, Politics, Gun Owner Responsiblities and what it takes to train and research gun techniques. 


Episode 17, The Crew Catches up with the Cast of Beyond Scope

November 16, 2016

Join Josh and Lucas as they catchup with the Cast of Beyond Scope and get a behind the scenes take on what it takes to film an up and coming action series. 


The show opens up with what happened during the election cycle and President-Elect Donald Trump


The cast of Beyond Scope is in the studio discussing, 

  • Acting Styles
  • What it takes to create and design a series 
  • How the actors get ready to play roles and Characters
  • How to perform a love scene
  • Plus 2 new products that Josh and Angel want to bring to the market. 


The Guests in the studio with us where-

  • Aron Chapman
  • Hank Stone
  • Grant Sawyers
  • Cara Noel
  • Rolando Wharton
  • Troy Williams
  • Sher Shearey
  • Angel Liberado 




Episode 16 Josh and Lucas discuss politics, the effects of politics and current gun ownership

November 9, 2016

The cast discuss

  • Politics

  • New Firearms

  • The movement to discredit or challenge the election

  • Polls/Electoral College

  • Tyranny 

  • The Rerecord of the Beyond Scope Episode Next week