Concealed Warrior Radio Episode 15, we sit down and talk to Bryan V from Don’t Be a Sitting Duck

November 2, 2016

Epsiode 15 of Concealed Warrior Radio discusses the state of Tranining in our society when it comes to Gun Training and the progression from Firearm "Newbie" to Firearm Guru. 

We have Bryan V from Don't be a Sitting Duck Training in our studio today as the three of us discuss how training continues forward and how the average person at the gun range can increase his or her knowledge of firearms. 

Sit back and listen to our discussion tonight about training. Hope you enjoy. 



Concealed Warrior Radio Episode 13, the guys catch up with KPat from FitCops

October 2, 2016

Concelaed Warrior Radio follows your hosts, Josh, Lucas and Mike as they chat with the Fitcops Family and their leader KPat. We discuss current 2A news, ask some interesting questions and cover current topics and discussions that effect the gun community. 

This Episode Covers

  • A live discussion with FitCops
  • An in depth discussion on the riots and how it affects current gun culture 
  • Current Opportunities in gun training and the importance to increase your gun IQ in this culture. 
  • We discuss Gun Forums and Youtube channel discussions.

CWR Episode 12

September 24, 2016

Tune into Concealed Warrior Radio, with your host Josh, Lucas and Mike as they discuss the current political climate tonight with No-Limit Ceo and founder Pernell Bush. The show discusses recent shootings, PRO 2A topics and the rights on individuals to carry and protect themselves. This is going to be an open discussion like you never heard it before. 

The topics of the Show will be 

  • Catching up the Crew
  • Discussing curent events
  • The round table regarding the current state of our country in Law Enforcement 
  • Concealed Carry and Defensive Tips

Concealed Warior Radio Episode 11, The guys catch up with Steve from Phazzer and talk about everything Second Ammendment

September 15, 2016
Join Concealed Warrior Radio with hosts Josh, Mike and Lucas as they discuss everything 2A, guns, ammo and self defense.

The crew catches up with Steve from Phazzer, as he fills us in on the history of Phazzer, Electronic Control Devices, and his long distance/short distance rifle platforms.

Other topics for this episode were-
  1. What the hell is happening on Josh's Facebook page, Central Florida Concealed Weapons
  2. Mike and his CMC Triggers
  3. A discussion about a felony hit and run and your ability to defend yourself
  4. Josh's Tactical Sandals
  5. Lucas's old ass holster


Concealed Warrior Radio Episode 9

September 6, 2016

Episode 9 of Concealed Warrior Radio, follows our hosts Josh, Lucas and Mike through unfiltered and unedited discussions about your rights as a Concealed Carrier. 

This episode we catch up with Eric Haney, former Delta Force Operator, writer of the Best Selling novel, Inside Delta Force and Producer of the Hit TV Show about his life, entitled The Unit. Hear behind the scenes information about the show, catch up with what he is doing now and listen to a conversation involving weapons and training from a former Tier 1 Operator.