Concealed Warrior Radio the guys catch up with Joe Mantegna and Terry Schappert

April 2, 2017

Join Josh, Lucas and Mike, the hosts of Concealed Warrior Radio as we interview Terry Schappert, formor Special Forces Veteran from Hollywood Weapons and Television/Movie Star Joe Mantegna of History of Guns and the TV Hit Series Criminal Minds. 

Terry and Joe take us deep into the world of Television and the exciting new show, Hollywood Weapons, where Terry attempts to recreate some of Hollywood's biggest gun moments to see if they could actually be done in real life. With Terry's battle tested experience from his time in Special Forces comes a wealth of Weapons and Tactics knowledge that will be cruciel in putting some of these big scenes to the test.  Hollywood Weapons premiers 9pm on the Outdoor Channel. Stay tuned for the next season of History of Guns also on the Outdoor Channel. 




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